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Leawood has been constantly on our routes for years and we love having the chance to service the beautiful homes in this tight-knit community. While we have enjoyed the homes we’ve served for radon testing and radon mitigation, there remains a need to continue to grow our reach there. We are up for the challenge, and look forward to ensuring peace of mind for every Leawood homeowner.


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Leawood Radon Zone Information

Leawood, KS is located in Johnson County, which has an EPA assigned Radon Zone of 1. A radon zone of 1 predicts an average indoor radon screening level greater than 4 pCi/L, which is above the recommended levels assigned by the EPA. According to the EPA, Leawood is located in a high risk area of the country.

About Leawood
Services We Provide to Leawood
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FAQ's in Leawood
About Leawood

About Leawood:

Leawood, KS is an influential city in Kansas and the Greater KC Metropolitan Area. It is within the boundaries of Johnson County. To understand Leawood's history, you have to go back to 1920. Oscar G. Lee, who came from Oklahoma and was a retired police chief, moved to Johnson County during that time. He oversaw the construction of Lee Boulevard for public access. In 1948, it was officially incorporated as a city. Leawood is the home to the largest Methodist Church in the United States and is also the Headquarters of AMC Theaters.

Services We Provide to Leawood

Radon services we provide to Leawood:

               - Active Continuous Monitoring (best suited for real estate, takes 48 hours to complete)

               - Passive Monitoring - short-term charcoal canister testing &  long term charcoal canister testing

  • Radon Service – Fan replacement & system maintenance
  • Passive-line Activations – Newer construction homes pre-installed with a passive radon system can be “activated” by adding a radon fan to further reduce radon levels. These services include fan installation, electrical work, and roof penetration.
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FAQ's in Leawood


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding radon mitigation Leawood:

  • Are radon levels Higher in Leawood?

In reference to the rest of the country, it is labeled high. It is in Radon Zone 1, a higher risk area of the U.S. Concerning the rest of the KC Metro in comparison, it is not neccessarily higher or lower than any one area.

  • What is radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that can cause cancer. Because radon gas has no smell, is invisible to the naked eye and has no taste, it is considered one of the most deadly forms of gas.

  • How many homes really have high levels of radon in the KC area?

Radon is a naturally-occurring gas that exists in every home and structure. Radon reaches unsafe levels in an average of 1 in 3 homes in the Kansas City region, across both Kansas and Missouri. The EPA deems levels at or above 4 pCi/L as a health risk.

  • Do I have to have the fan in a specific place?

We can do interior systems and exterior systems based on the homeowner's request. There are certain standards for the system to actually be effective, like how far they are away from a window, roof clearing, etc. We do our best to place systems in a spot that is discreet and doesn't take away from the aesthetic of the home. We will work with you to determine the ideal spot.

  • Should I test the soil for Radon before building?

Testing the soil can be very costly and still not determine what type of radon pathways are opened up as a result of building. The most effective way of determining radon levels in an individual home is to test the home itself with the correct radon testing measures. Testing soil will not give you an accurate idea of levels once a home is built.

Recent Test Cases - Radon Mitigation Leawood: (Addresses not given for privacy's sake) 

  • Through Radon Mitigation, we were able to take a home in 66209 from 7.5 pCi/L to 1.1 pCi/L.

radon mitigation leawood

  • Through Radon Mitigation, we were able to take a home in 66209 from 18 (!) pCi/L to 1.7 pCi/L.

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Radon Mitigation Kansas City

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Reviews From Fellow Johnson County Homeowners:

5.0   |  07-20-2016
Review by a homeowner in Olathe, KS
Project: Radon Mitigation
They arrive as scheduled, kept me fulling informed as work progressed and reviewed options for placement of abatement system. Half the challenge in finding a qualified company is just getting them to answer the phone, provide useful information, and show up...they did all, including a good installation.
5.0   |  07-20-2016
Review by Christine C. in Olathe, KS
Project: Radon Mitigation
He made sure we knew how the system works and had everything cleaned up before he left. Price was very reasonable and have had no glitches. Will definitely recommend him to friends and family.
4.0   |  07-20-2016
Review by a homeowner in Olathe, KS
Project: Radon Mitigation
Prompt, Courteous, Knowledgeable, Reasonable price. Would recommend to others.