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In recent years we have found ourselves in Leavenworth every week, and we have enjoyed getting to help this historic city in the area of radon. The city has been a fairly underserved area in the arena of radon testing and radon mitigation, but Certified Radon remains committed to making sure every citizen of Leavenworth can breathe easy. We are excited to continue our mission here and bring radon awareness to the forefront.




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Leavenworth Radon Zone Information

Leavenworth, KS is located in Leavenworth County, which has an EPA assigned Radon Zone of 1. A radon zone of 1 predicts an average indoor radon screening level greater than 4 pCi/L, which is above the recommended levels assigned by the EPA. According to the EPA, Leavenworth is located in a high risk area of the country.

About Leavenworth
Services We Provide to Leavenworth
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About Leavenworth

About Leavenworth:

Leavenworth is the county seat of Leavenworth County, KS. It was named after Colonel Henry Leavenworth and this historical city was established in 1854. Leavenworth is the 10th most populated city in the KC metro area. It is the home of Fort Leavenworth, which is known as the "Intellectual Center of the Army". It is also home to several Prisons including the Leavenworth United States Penitentiary.

Services We Provide to Leavenworth

Radon services we provide to Leavenworth:

               - Active Continuous Monitoring (best suited for real estate, takes 48 hours to complete)

               - Passive Monitoring - short-term charcoal canister testing &  long term charcoal canister testing

  • Radon Service – Fan replacement & system maintenance
  • Passive-line Activations – Newer construction homes pre-installed with a passive radon system can be “activated” by adding a radon fan to further reduce radon levels. These services include fan installation, electrical work, and roof penetration.
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FAQ's in Leavenworth


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding radon mitigation Leavenworth:

  • Are radon levels Higher in Leavenworth?

It is higher than many areas in relation to the rest of the country. It is in Radon Zone 1, which means it is in a high-risk area of the country. In relation to the rest of Kansas City metro, it is not significantly higher or lower than the rest of Kansas City statistically.

  • Why does the exhaust point have to be so high?

In short, it has to be. There are codes and rules that govern where you can disperse radon from the system. It has to be above the roof line and a specific distance away from windows and openings to other buildings. If it is too low, it actually becomes detrimental as a system as it creates an environment where concentrated radon is actually forced back into the home, rendering the system more harmful than helpful.

  • My house has been closed up for quite a while, is that why my radon levels are higher?

In short, no. Due to normal airflow in homes and modern HVAC systems, your house will exchange its air about every 3 hours. We also require closed home conditions in the hours leading up to testing.

  • Does the U-tube on the system indicate Radon Levels?

No. It is not an indicator of radon levels, but rather airflow through the system. It should be uneven, if it is even you are not getting proper airflow. Give us a call.

  • Is a mitigation appointment going to be super messy?

At the end of the day, we are drilling through concrete, which comes with some mess. However, we follow our process for each job that ensures that we leave a very clean workspace. We want to have clean installs that we can be proud of as well. Rest assured, we will not being leaving a mess in your home.

Recent Test Cases - Radon Mitigation Leavenworth: (Addresses not given for privacy's sake) 

  • Through Radon Mitigation, we were able to take a home in 66049 from 22(!) pCi/L to 3 pCi/L.

radon mitigation leavenworth

  • Through Radon Mitigation, we were able to take a home in 66048 from 17 pCi/L to .8 pCi/L.

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Radon Mitigation Kansas City

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Reviews From Fellow Leavenworth and surrounding area Homeowners:

5.0   |  07-20-2016
Review by a homeowner in Leavenworth, KS
Project: Radon Mitigation
Simply outstanding.
5.0   |  07-20-2016
Review by Leonard F. in Leavenworth
Project: Radon Mitigation
As far as I'm concerned, Certified Radon can put me at the top of their list of references. They are reliable and conscientious in getting the job done. My house is unique in that it has essentially two separate and distinct basements. We've already scheduled the second mitigation system installation.
5.0   |  07-20-2016
Review by Darin S. in Lansing, KS
Project: Radon Testing
As a 21 yr active duty military member, I found Travis to be one of the most ethical business persons I have come across in a very long time. Travis could have easily charged us for unneeded service/work, but he did not. After getting the results of a home test kit, we called him to come out and do a professional test. Even though we live outside the KC area (near Ft Leavenworth), he came out the same day and started the test and promptly arrived 48hrs later to recover the machine and emailed the results that same evening. I wish more companies in this country provided that same kind of ethical and response service that Certified Radon did.