Top 5 Kansas City Open House

Top tips for marketing your home during a Kansas City open house.

When you’re selling your home, your agent may recommend hosting an open house to help generate interest with potential buyers. You only have one chance to make a first impression. We talked with some of our broker and agent friends in the business to gather some tips to help ensure the impression your home makes leads to a sale.

  1. Curb Appeal, For Real.

Talk about first impressions! What a potential buyer sees when they pull up to your home sets the tone. Cutting grass and trimming hedges is a given. Touch up paint, fix loose boards, replace broken screens, clear the path to the door, and plant a few flowers to brighten up the place. These are all relatively quick fixes that can make all the difference to draw someone in.

  1. Do I Smell Cookies?

Baking a sweet treat just before your open house – or filling the air with a scented candle that smells like you did – is an age-old trick that really works. How a home smells makes a big difference in how welcoming it feels. A beautiful home that smells like dirty socks leaves a bad impression – no matter how nice the home is. Stay away from anything too flowery. Warm, inviting, subtle scents work best.

  1. Clean up to Clean Up!

Your home needs to not only smell good but appear tidy as well. Clear the clutter off counters and tables. Put away dishes and dial back on knick knacks. If you have a lot of furniture, consider renting a storage space to clear space. Wide open areas help buyers envision their belongings in your home – and that is one step closer to making an offer.

  1. Light it up!

Open curtains and turn on lights. Natural light is the best for creating a welcoming feel. If your home has special features – such as a great kitchen island or amazing entertainment area – consider showcasing those areas with lighting.

  1. Get Out of the Way.

As the seller, it is best for you to let your agent handle the open house. Your presence can be intimidating to potential buyers. Here’s your chance to get away and enjoy a few hours while your agent does the work.

Here’s to a successful home sale! Cheers from the Certified Radon team.

*We’re now servicing the Overland Park, Lee’s Summit and Liberty areas

Travis Siegfried