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Free American Lung Association Course

Radon education has always been central to our service mission here at Certified Radon. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of misinformation about what radon is, the health consequences of radon, and how to reduce radon in your home and commercial properties. So, when we find reliable sources offering free radon education opportunities, we are excited to share that information with our customers and community. 



The American Lung Association (ALA) is offering a free online course on Radon Basics. This is a one-hour interactive course designed to give a better understanding of radon and the health impact of this cancer-causing radioactive gas that is commonly found in all homes and structures, and often at dangerous levels. According to the ALA, program participants will learn:


  • What radon is, where it comes from, and its risks for causing lung cancer;
  • Why everyone should test for radon and ways to test;
  • How radon enters a home, and how to fix homes to reduce radon exposure; and
  • Actions that will result in systemic changes that move beyond a “one house at a time” approach.


Whether you own your home or rent, or are in the home buying process, Certified Radon recommends this course to educate yourself more about radon. We also recommend this program to property inspectors, property managers, and real estate professionals, as well as members of the healthcare community. Programs like Radon Basics from reputable sources like the American Lung Association are vital to dispelling radon myths, ensuring safe and healthy housing in our communities, and protecting families. 


To learn more, visit the American Lung Association’s Radon Basics page or watch their video here. For more information about Certified Radon, visit CertifiedRadonKC.com today or cal 816.587.3500.