Is Your Home Healthy?

Many of us get comfortable in our space and don’t stop to think about potential health hazards that we may be living with every day. At Certified Radon, we’re in the business of helping our customers test for and reduce radon levels. This is a big step in improving the health of your home, but there are many simple steps you can take to make your home safer for your family and guests.

First and foremost is keeping your home maintained. A clean, well-maintained home can help remove allergens and reduce toxins that cause illness (and also improve your home’s value!). Take action to be sure your home is well ventilated, dry and pest free.

Ongoing maintenance can seem overwhelming for busy homeowners. Establishing an annual schedule with a checklist of seasonal maintenance items can help lighten the burden. Keeping a schedule can also help avoid overlooking small issues that can turn into costly and dangerous problems. Just like you change your smoke detector batteries every time we roll the clock forward in spring and back in the fall, you can get on a schedule to check home systems at certain times throughout the year.

Here are some areas to consider putting on your maintenance checklist to keep your home healthy:

  • Exterior Roof, Walls, and Windows – check every spring or fall for leaks, cracks, peeling paint, ensure water is channeled away from the foundation, etc.
  • Basement & Crawl Spaces – check every spring and fall to make sure space is dry, drains are cleared and there are no signs of rodents or pests
  • Plumbing Fixtures & Appliances – check once annually to ensure all connections are secure (water, electric and gas) and there are no leaks or sweating

For a more information on maintenance items and recommended schedules, visit the National Center for Healthy Housing.


Travis Siegfried