GUEST BLOG: How to get really great photos this summer – with any type of camera!

Summer is officially here! Try these tips to capture great images on your phone or point-and-shoot camera this season.


Photo 6

Wait for the Good Lighting

The worst time of day for photos is around noon. Take your photos in the morning or the last hour before sunset (aka the golden hour) for the most flattering light. If you just need that photo at 12:35pm, find some nice shade or window light and put your back to the brightest area.


Photo 2

Fill the Frame

Don’t be afraid to get close to your subject. Experiment with how close you can get to a colorful flower. Get even closer with a special macro lens just for your phone so you can take a photo of your baby’s eyelashes or a pretty piece of jewelry!


Photo 3

Step Back

Now the opposite of what I wrote – take a step back and include the scenery around your subject. Think like an artist – put the subject in the lower part of the frame to get a large sky for a look of negative space. You don’t always have to center your subject, many times its more visually appealing if you don’t!

Photo 4

Get a Waterproof Case

Jump in the pool with your family! Get some really neat underwater images of kids doing what they do best – having fun! Or let them run through the sprinkler, then join them and snap an action shot.


Lastly, Put Down Your Camera!

Don’t forget to take some time to enjoy what is going on around you. If you are experiencing a gorgeous sunset – then just experience it. Take a moment to appreciate that point in time. Take a deep breath. Chances are your camera won’t capture it as well as your eyes can!

Editor’s Note: Melissa McClure is an accomplished professional travel photographer whose portfolio spans the globe. All images in this post were captured with an iPhone 5.

Instagram: @melissamcclurephotography
Facebook: /melissamcclurephotography