Our Company Culture

about us - certified radon

Since opening my own radon testing and mitigation business in 2008, I’ve learned a lot growing Certified Radon from the ground up. Beginning with a small team, we’ve expanded to become Kansas City’s premier provider for radon removal and mitigation services. Over the years we’ve proudly served thousands of homeowners, property managers, commercial property owners and more!

As I look back and reflect on Certified Radon’s more than 10–year journey, I know that our company culture is what propels the business forward. While I am proud of our continued company growth, more than anything, I am proud of the hard-working individuals on the team. Through my years as CEO, I’ve learned that helping others, giving back, and building a good team is key.

So, how does one go about building a strong company culture?

I’ve established 4 core values that guide us every day at Certified Radon:

  1. Serve with heart.
  2. Show up with hustle.
  3. Change the game by always finding a way to be the solution.
  4. Win the trust and confidence of our customers to be a champion.

I believe that by following these “Certified” values, you can achieve new heights of success, no matter your industry. Serve others, especially those in need, with heart. Show up every day ready to hustle. Be a game-changer by doing your best to always deliver a solution. And, win the trust of your clients by exemplifying integrity and respect to be an industry champion.

Travis Siegfried