commercial radon mitigationOur Certified Radon Technicians are professionally trained to quickly and effectively remove radon in your commercial location. Installation of a Commercial Radon Mitigation System can typically be completed in one day, depending on the structure. We will work with you to schedule and complete the install with minimal disruption to your organization.

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Exposure Isn't Just at Home

Due to the amount of time spent in living spaces, there is a significantly higher amount of emphasis and information on residential mitigation systems. What is often overlooked is that many commercial buildings hold the same people for at least 8 hours a day 5 days a week. That is a significant amount of time to be exposed to radon. The most noteworthy buildings are those that are used specifically for children and the elderly, the most susceptible groups to radon’s dangers. We partner with building owners all around the KC metro to ensure peace of mind for them and their tenants. Employers and building owners have an obligation to ensure a safe and healthy and environment, and Radon awareness and action should be thoughtfully considered as part of that responsibility. It's not too late to get started.


Here are some snapshots of buildings we've serviced:

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