Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is invisible, has no taste or smell, and is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Radon seeps into buildings from rock and soil beneath the foundation. Radon is found in new construction and older commercial properties throughout the Kansas City region. Radon detection in commercial buildings requires quick action. Toxic levels of radon in commercial properties can put the health of many individuals at risk, creating catastrophic liability and creating issues with OSHA and HUD radon regulatory compliance, depending on property use.

Certified Radon is trusted as the leading provider of commercial radon environmental services in the Kansas City region. Unlike other providers, Certified Radon has the experience, full staff of industry-certified professionals and capacity to manage large-scale commercial radon projects.


Certified Radon Commercial Radon Services Include:

  • Pre-construction Radon Consultation & Passive Radon System Design
  • New Construction Passive Radon System Design & Installation
  • Post-Construction HUD-approved Radon Testing
  • Post-Construction Passive Radon System Line Activation
  • NRPP/AARST, HUD, Freddie Mac/Franny Mae-approved Radon Testing for Large Buildings, Schools and Multifamily Properties
  • Radon Mitigation Design & Installation for Large Buildings, Schools & Multifamily Complexes
  • Annual & Two-Year Radon Mitigation System Inspections

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