Since opening in 2007, Certified Radon has grown to become Kansas City’s premier provider for radon testing, removal and mitigation services. We’ve proudly served thousands of homeowners, property managers, commercial property owners and real estate professsionals – and we look forward to serving you!


To serve with Heart, show up with Hustle, change the game by always finding a way to be the solution. Winning the trust of our clients exemplifying integrity and respect to be the industry Champion.

Test, Protect, and Close the Deal!

Testing radon levels is recommended - and often required by law - in real estate transactions. Radon is a radioactive gas and class A carcinogen that exists in EVERY home and structure. Proper testing by an industry-certified professional determines whether levels are safe or if action to needed to remediate and reduce radon levels. Certified Radon’s team of Certified Radon Technicians are trained to respond quickly and conduct thorough testing with accurate results. We administer thousands of tests each year and understand the need to expedite testing to facilitate real estate transactions. We deliver full electronic reports to help speed the process.

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