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1 in 3 homes in KC have high radon levels.

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What is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that can cause cancer. Because radon gas has no smell, is invisible to the naked eye and has no taste, it is considered one of the most deadly forms of gas.

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Why is Radon Dangerous?

Radon is radioactive. Outdoors, there is little danger because radon is diluted in the open air. But indoors, radon is trapped and becomes concentrated in enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces.

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How does Radon get into homes?

All homes have some amount of radon. The question is how much. Since you cannot taste, smell or see radon gas, scientific testing is needed for detection.

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From Overland Park to Odessa, Leawood to Liberty, South KC to St. Joseph, we are Kansas City's Certified Radon Professionals.

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We’ve built our company on facts, not fear. Certified Radon has grown to become the premier provider of radon testing and mitigation services in Kansas City because of our commitment to safety, service, and professionalism.

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